A Beginner’s Ski Gear Guide

A Beginner's Ski Gear Guide

If you are planning your first ever ski holiday and you’re wondering what type of gear that you’re going to need, then let us help you pick exactly what you need.  Many people are under the impression that ski gear is very expensive, but that’s actually not the case.  We put together a beginner’s ski gear guide to help you put together that perfect ski vacation.

Boots, Poles and Skis

If this is your first time hitting the slopes then you want to rent the gear rather than buying it.  Ski resorts will let you do that and you can decide whether skiing is for you before spending money on gear you never use again.  You can usually rent the gear for the day for less than a $100.

Ski Jacket and Pants

A good ski jacket and snow pants can get pricey, if you live far enough north chances are you have a friend that can probably lend you some.  However you can use a good ski jacket throughout the winter even off the slopes.

Eye Protection

Sun glasses will work in a pinch but you are better off with a pair of goggles.  Try them on first to make sure they fit properly and they are comfortable.  You also don’t need to buy the most expensive pair, basic goggles can run about $30.


Helmets aren’t just for professional skiers they are for everyone, even if you are only learning on the bunny hill.  If you are renting equipment at a ski lodge they will likely recommend a helmet as well.

 Gloves and Mittens

When you first start skiing you’re going to fall quite a bit, this can make your gloves or mittens wet and that is not fun at all.  Waterproof gloves work better and mittens will keep your hands warmer than gloves.  You might want to wear thin gloves inside your mittens.


Layering your clothing is your best bet.  The ski hill may be cold at first but you will warm up as you start moving around.  The first layer is meant to keep you dry, so get something that wicks away sweat.  Regular clothing between you and your ski jacket and pants, you will want something to keep your neck warm and a turtleneck or neck warmer is better than a scarf.


This may seem like the last thing you’re going to need on a winter vacation under layers of clothing but you do.  The sun reflects off of the snow and it is not uncommon for skiers to get a sunburn on their face if it is not protected.  Dig through your summer stuff and grab a bottle with SPF30 or higher and lather it generously on your face.

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